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What Should I Do If I Get in an Accident?

An auto accident is a very traumatic time for anyone involved, especially if there are injuries. BWO Insurance Group of Kenosha/Racine cares about the safety of not only its clients, but also the general public. This is why we have devoted a section in our website to highlighting the basic steps that a driver should take whenever they are involved in an auto accident.

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  • Make a deal for damages.
  • Accept an offer of cash or any other settlement.
  • Offer to pay any damages.
  • Administer first aid unless licensed to do so.
  • Disavow injury to yourself or your passengers.
  • Admit guilt.


  • Move auto(s) to a shoulder or other safe area to prevent further damage or injuries.
  • Ask someone to summon police and seek medical assistance.
  • Take picture(s) of the scene, including the involved vehicles and any damage.
  • Obtain names of witnesses including addresses and phone numbers.
  • Obtain complete information from those parties involved in the accident, including license plate number and state of the other vehicle(s), phone numbers and addresses and insurance company information.
  • Please remember to be calm, courteous and consistent in your version of the accident and to call your auto insurance company or agent as soon as is practical.
  • If you've had a claim and you'd like to talk directly to your company's claims department, go to our Carrier's page to find your insurance company.
  • If you'd like to talk to your personal BWO agent, you can find them here.

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