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Personal Umbrella Coverage

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Here at BWO Insurance Group, LLC of Kenosha/Racine, we pride ourselves in making sure our clients in southeast Wisconsin are aware of the benefits of having a personal umbrella insurance policy. An umbrella insurance policy provides additional liability protection in amounts of 1 million, above and beyond the liability insurance included in your auto, home, boat, or recreational vehicle policies.

It's worth stopping to think about. Do you have enough liability coverage on your car, home, motorcycle, boat, ATV, or snowmobile? Are you secure in the knowledge that if you have an accident with your vehicle and it's your fault, that your existing vehicle policies will protect your interests and assets?

For example, let's say you're driving your car and you lose control and bump into a school bus. No one is severely injured, however, all of the 25 children on board are traumatized. The accident is taken to court and you are held responsible for the damages, which are awarded in the amount of $20,000 per child, or $500,000. Your car insurance policy limits payments to a maximum of $300,000, so you are responsible for the remaining $200,000. With the extra protection of having a personal umbrella policy, you no longer have to worry. Liability lawsuits can strike any family at any time.

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